Vol 3 (2011)

2011 Sustainable Research and Innovation Conference Proceedings

Table of Contents


Foreword PDF
Onesmus Mutuku Muvengei


Intellectual Asset Management for Sustainable Research PDF
Onunga J. F Omiti
Sustainable Research: Accentuating the Human Dimension, and Proposals for an Integrative Sustainable Development Implementation Framework PDF
Jerry Kolo
Climate Change Mitigation through Standards and Labels PDF
Karuga Maina
Use of ICT in Manufacturing to Achieve Vision 2030 PDF
Oteri Omae, Ismail Ateya
Optimizing Aircraft Line Maintenance Through Task Re-Clustering and Interval De-Escalation PDF
Anthony Muchiri
Performance Modelling of Manufacturing Equipment: Results from an Industrial Case Study PDF
Peter Muchiri
Review of ANFIS and its Application in Control of Machining Processes PDF
Karanja Kabini
Effect of Laser Parameters on PMMA during Laser Micromachining: A FEMLAB Simulation PDF
Rehema Ndeda
Fabrication and Characterization of a Prototype Parabolic Trough Solar Concentrators for Steam Production PDF
Kawira Kinyua
Dynamic Analysis of Multi-Body Mechanical Systems with Imperfect Kinematic Joints: A Literature Survey and Review PDF
Onesmus Mutuku Muvengei
Need and Benefits of Manufacturing Electronic Components and Equipment Locally PDF
Oteri Omae
A Survey of Quality Control Practices in the Local Aluminium Scrap Foundries PDF
Daniel Wangombe
European Environmental Regulations Concerning CO2 and Another Power Industry Caused Air Pollutions PDF
Krzysztof Badyda
Effect of Heating on Absorption of CO2 as Greenhouse Gas in a Structured Packed Scrubber PDF
Hiram Ndiritu
A Practical Approach To Combustion Process Optimization Using An Improved Immune Optimizer PDF
K. Wojdan
Numerical and Parametric Investigation on the Dynamic Response of a Planar Multi-body System with Differently Located Revolute Clearance Joints PDF
Onesmus Mutuku Muvengei
SOFC hybrid system optimization using an advanced model of fuel cell PDF
J. Milewski
Maximum Power Tracking Techniques in Wind Power Generation PDF
Lina Owino
Optimizing Heat Sink Geometry for Electric Vehicle BLDC Motor Using CFD PDF
James Kimotho
Improving Solar Cell Efficiency using Lead Selenium Nanocrystals PDF
Luke Rottock
Use of magnesium alloys in optimizing the weight of automobile: Current trends and opportunities PDF
James Mutuku Mutua
Analyzing the Harmonic Levels at Power Lines to Improve the Power Quality PDF
Charles Ndungu
Application of Ultrasonic Waves in Powder Transportation PDF
Evan Murimi
Generation of Ultrawideband Radar Waveforms Based on Chaos Theory PDF
Joseph Abok
Sensitivity to Oil by Active Microwave Sensors PDF
Oteri Omae
Induction Motor Load Flow Simulation with Digsilent Powerfactory PDF
J. Kinyua
Investigating the Impact of Power System Stabilizers in a Multi Machine System with an Induction Motor Load PDF
C. M. Mureithi
An Insight into the Sources of the Bentonite used in the Local Drilling Industry PDF
Peter Mutisya
Factors Affecting Dual Pump Fiber Optical Parametric Amplification Gain PDF
Enoch Rotich
IPV4 to IPV6 - Transition and Benefits PDF
Oteri Omae
Estimation of spatial rainfall variability in a river basin from point rainfall data using GIS PDF
S. Wandera
Effects of Additives on the Fatigue and Impact Properties of Recycled Al-Si Alloy wheels PDF
B. Kosgey

ISSN: 2079-6226