Effect of Heating on Absorption of CO2 as Greenhouse Gas in a Structured Packed Scrubber

Hiram Ndiritu


Increase in greenhouse effect in which more infra-red radiations are getting trapped within the earth has been traced to fossil fuel emissions. Among these emissions, carbon dioxide has been the driving force behind this heating, currently standing at more than 380 ppmv and rising by 2 ppmv per year. Since fossil fuels continue to form 80% of energy in the foreseeable future, efforts must be sustained towards reduction of resulting greenhouse gases. Research has shown that post combustion absorption using a suitable solvent can reduce carbon emission from an exhaust stream. This research involves developing a laboratory model of carbon capture technique based on absorption in a packed bed column. Tests have shown that increase in temperature, besides gas and liquid loading, facilitates absorption of the CO

2 gas.



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