Climate Change Mitigation through Standards and Labels

Karuga Maina


The Standards and Labeling Programme in Kenya is a 5year Government of Kenya initiative being implemented under the Ministry of Industrialization. This Climate Change Mitigation Programme jointly funded by the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) and Global Environment Facility (GEF), is designed to remove barriers to market transformation of energy efficient products and services in Kenya thereby reducing electricity related Carbon Dioxide (CO

) emissions in Kenya and the EAC countries. This will be done through a coordinated removal of barriers to rapid and widespread uptake of energy efficient motors in industrial sector; refrigerators in residential; display refrigerators and air-conditioners in commercial and residential sectors; and lighting in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. The project will enhance energy security through energy savings from utilization of energy-efficient appliances and equipment. Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) are a set of regulations prescribing minimum energy performance for appliances and equipment in the market. Energy Efficiency Labels can be mandatory or voluntary and are attached to appliances and equipment to indicate level of energy performance. Energy Efficiency Standards and Labels are particularly cost-effective for conserving energy. They fit well with most energy policies and can be the backbone of a country’s energy policy portfolio. MEPS and Labels have proven to cause a shift in uptake of energy efficient technology and dramatically improve national energy efficiency.




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