A study of a hydro magnetic fluid flow in a rotating system bounded by two parallel plates

Eustance Mwenda Kirima


An electrically conducting fluid flowing between two parallel plates has been consideredin this study. The fluid flow is unsteady and a magnetic field is appliedperpendicular to the plates. Various configurations have been considered for theplates with either one plate moving or both plates moving in opposite directionsrelative to each other. The whole system is then rotated in a direction normalto the plates with a constant angular velocity Ω. Temperature and concentrationgradients have been considered across the plates. The Hall current effect has alsobeen put into consideration when studying the fluid flow. The effects of changingvarious parameters on the velocity, temperature and concentration profiles hasbeen discussed. These parameters include the rotation parameter Er, the Schmidtnumber Sc, the Hall parameter m, the suction parameter S, the Eckert numberEc, the pressure gradient dPdx and time t. The results that are obtained are thenpresented on graphs and the observations are discussed. Later the effect of changingthese parameters on the skin friction, the rate of heat transfer and the rate ofmass transfer are studied. The results that are obtained are presented in tablesand then discussed.The effect of changing the parameters mentioned above is observed either to increase,to decrease or to have no effect on the velocity profiles, the temperatureprofiles, the concentration profiles, the skin friction and the rates of heat and masstransfer


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