Journal History

The journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology (JAGST) is a peer-refereed biannual publication, first produced in 1997. It features research articles in Agriculture, Biotechnology, Forestry, Pure Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Engineering, Architecture and related subjects. It also carries current scientific reports and, occasionally, reviews of publications with a scientific orientation. The journal serves as an important tool in the University’s Research, Production and Extinction (RPE) Division’s mandate to facilitate dissemination of research findings. The journal is backed a reviewer database of more than 140 listed reviewers from varying disciplines and from all over the country and the region. It has since the year 2004 been accessible online through African Journals Online (AJOL), a programme which was began in 1997 by the International Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) to raise the visibility of African journals and create awareness of research conducted in Africa. Courtesy of this development, the journal receives submissions from such destinations as Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa, Iran, Jordan and China.

ISSN: 1561-7645