Magnesium alloy AZ31 as a Potential Candidate for Automobile Weight Optimization

J. Mutua, J. Kihiu, G. Rading


Magnesium-aluminium-zinc alloy (Mg alloy AZ31) is among the five general classes of wrought alloys that are strengthened by annealing. This paper will highlight the possibilities of manipulating the mechanical properties of Mg alloy AZ31 through rolling and annealing and present the material as a potential candidate for both structural and sub-structural application in passenger cars and light-trucks. Further, an overview of recent developments in efforts towards light weighting of automobile in relation to fuel consumption efficiency and pollutant gas will be presented. The findings of this research will assist automobile design engineers in optimizing the weight of automobile through replacement of steel and some aluminium components with magnesium alloy AZ31 of equivalent strength and stiffness.


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