A Review on Biogas, its Application as a Dual-Fuel on Diesel Engines for Power Generation

Nelson Muchiri


Rising global challenges of energy generation, sustainability, cost, environmental concerns among others have triggered immense research on alternative energy sources and technologies in the recent past. Such previous works includes research into use of biogas as a substitute fuel in diesel engines. This paper focuses on how biogas is generated from solid waste and among other uses, is used for power generation, electrical energy is generated from biogas and diesel, using dual fuel (DF) generator. DF applications are considered to lower cost of operating automobile engines and power generators. Furthermore this paper focuses on reviewing alternative fuels techniques focusing on bio-gas properties and local potential, then on how to run internal combustion engines on biogas fuel, previous applications, their availability and costs. The paper also illustrates methods for modification of ordinary engine to run on dual fuel, considering their applications, performance and cost implication. The findings of this work are of great importance in developing a local mechanism that uses diesel as a pilot fuel and biogas as substitute fuel. The findings also will help in identification of an appropriate fuel regulation tool and in adapting the generation plant for a beneficial use. This is to provide affordable alternative source of electrical power to institutions, municipalities or in remote rural localities.


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