Determination of the Shape (K), Scale (C) Parameters and the Wind Power Density for Juja

Churchil Saoke


Wind is a variable resource in both time and space; it fluctuates so much that it is important to find a model that describes its variation. This is significant in estimating the amount of energy earnings as well as to optimize the design of the wind turbine. This paper assessed the wind speed distribution by measuring and analyzing the wind speeds two heights in Juja. The wind speed data of the site was collected and analyzed on the basis of three months measured hourly time series data. The Weibull distribution model provided a good fit for the recorded wind data. The model was then used to calculate the Weibull distribution parameters for the speed variations as c = 5.69 m/s and k = 2.06. These parameters were used to estimate the wind power density of the site which was found to be 131.35 W/m2. Wind rose diagrams depict a large calm condition with a large frequency of wind blowing from the North east while frequency are lowest from the south and south east directions.


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