Sustainable Techniques: Study of Some Contents and Financing Options in Development

Moses Wandera


The concept of development is now the key value of any dynamic society. United Nations development agenda of developing, developed or least developed has been the debate of modern societies and the viewpoints are now extending into post – modernity era. However, ever since the Stockholm declaration in 1972 and subsequent Conferences in Brundtland, and Rio much is now in focus, especially in this decade 2005 – 2014 of sustainable education and development, which is now affecting any development agenda and the challenges are now alive for developing societies. The aim of this paper is to outline key areas of sustainable techniques in development as well as address sources of finance; from public, institutional and broad donor related funding besides decisions that are involved in finance. The design of the paper is on content analysis of techniques and development concepts in addressing sustainability viewpoints besides, the finances that go with it. The paper will recommend sustainable techniques that can address humanity problems as well as financing options in developing societies in practice.


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