An Evaluation of Occupational Safety and Health Hazard Awareness In Steel Rolling Mills in Nairobi Metropolis

John Muthoga Waweru


The aim of the research was to evaluate the safety and Health awareness in the steel rolling mill industry in the Nairobi Metropolis City. Stratification and random sampling procedure was used to select workers from steel rolling mill companies in the Athi River area in the Nairobi Metropolis for the study.Questionnaires were used to determine workers understanding on risks and risk perception. Management commitment to safety and health and legal compliance was determined through observation of records kept.The study found that all the three companies had safety and health management systems in place. Seventy nine percent of the workers had undergone training on safe work procedures with 75 % having been trained on workplace health hazards. Ninety five percent of the workers were aware that there were safety and health policies in their organizations while 93% had access. Seventy percent of the workers feared having no pay while 64% felt that the management took issues related to safety and health seriously. When determining who was responsible for safety and health, 36 % of the workers indicated that the employee was responsible for safety and health while 39 % believed the employer was responsible.From the study it was established that the steel rolling mill industry workers were aware of the hazards associated with the nature of their work and the management was committed to safety and health at work. There is need for research on the effectiveness of professionals involved in occupational safety and health contributions towards preventing worker exposure in steel rolling mills.


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