Impact of integrating road safety measures in trucking industry: A case study of Nairobi multiple hauling companies

Isaac Kasilu Makau


Truck accidents and other forms of accidents involving trucks are an unfortunate cost of doing transport business. There is very little research on what messages and mechanisms will most effectively change attitudes to road safety and safe driving practice on the road. According to accidents’ records from Multiple Hauliers (E.A), Paddy Distributors and Trailink Transporters, it is evident that highway accidents involving trucks have been gradually increasing over time at an average rate of 33%. Such accidents have raised concern regarding truck safety and cost of doing transport business. It was therefore the purpose of this research work to investigate the impact of integrating road safety in Nairobi trucking companies.The target population of study comprised of truck drivers, safety managers and maintenance managers of the three trucking companies mentioned above. The methodology mainly consisted of correlation study to investigate the relationship between both the Independent and dependent variables which sought to determine changes over time. Descriptive research design was undertaken through questionnaires and interviews. Random Sampling technique was used to select a sample size of respondents to which questionnaires were administered. Primarydata was collected using questionnaires which comprised of open ended and closed ended questions. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics.Frequency tables and percentages were used in presentation of the findings. Some of the materials utilized during the study included stationeries, computer software for data analysis, a printer, a photocopier, flash disks and a camera. The results indicated that Nairobi trucking companies do not have effective policies and procedures to address sound road safety management. The study recommends adoption of road safety best practice in order to improve the road safety management and culture. This will translate into better truck safety, effective driver training programs and reduced cost of doing transport business. A further research on the role of civil society in the enhancement of road safety awareness campaign is highly recommended.


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