N W Nyaigoti, O B Moirongo, M B Njuguna


Digital revolution has taken place from the latter  half of the 20thcentury, marking the beginning of the information age. This has been portrayed by widespread digital logic circuits and its derived technologies. Urban spaces have been impacted by the digital revolution as most were conceptualised and formed prior to digital technological advancements. The Digital Revolution has been termed the third industrial revolution as it is analogous to the Agricultural Revolution and the Industrial Revolution. The study looks at research areas on urban spaces in light of the third industrialization revolution resulting from digital technology usage. The objectives of the study are to establish the digital technology uses in urban areas and the physical characteristics of the urban spaces that influence usage of digital technology. The main research method employed in the study is archival in which literature on digital technology usage in urban spaces as well as the physical characteristics of urban spaces areanalysed. The findings from the literature review shed light on the digital technology phenomenon and hence used to suggest study areas for design of future urban spaces in the third industrial revolution.


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